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This page has been provided to assist you with shopping for the materials listed in the project plans. Most communities have a local hardware store or lumber yard where these materials can be purchased. The examples provided here are from the websites of two of the more popular home furnishing companies, along with my own photos. This page was not meant to be an advertisement, just examples to help you find what you need to build your projects. Home delivery is available from some companies and can save you some extra work and inconvenience, especially if your vehicle is not really equipped to carry 8 foot 2x10 inch lumber. All items are not included in these examples, but you should have no trouble obtaining everything you need at a hardware, lumber yard and/or home improvement store in your community.

Shopping for Wood - Work Bench Top
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The wood required to construct the projects in your plans can be obtained at the Home Furnihings Store (Home Depot, Lowe's...etc) or a lumber yard. The specific measurements are contained in the list of materials in the plans.

The Bench Top is 3/4 inch plywood; plywood is normally sold in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. This is much more material than you require, Home Depot will cut the plywood to the size required and you can purchase 1/4, 1/2 or a full sheet if required. Sometimes you can find the pieces already cut to size. If you ask the person in the lumber department they will help you get what you need.

Wood - Frame and Front Support
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The Frame and Front supports require 2 inch x 10 inch and 2 inch x 4 inch lumber of various lengths for their construction. These pieces of wood are clearly marked in their respective areas in the lumber section of the store.

Fasteners (click to enlarge)
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This section shows the fastener types you will need nad their pilot hole dimensions. The Drywall screws are drilled to go through the first surface of wood and fasten in the adjoining wood surface. The Flat head wood screw is drilled to fasten in the drilled wood surface.

Hardware (click to enlarge)
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In order to assit you in the selection of the hardware, this section provides a photo of the hardware items required to build your project.

Hinge Assembly (click to enlarge)
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This section shows the Hinge and the machine screw hardware required to mount the Bench Top hinges to the Frame. 1/4" holes are drilled for the hinge mounting and the machine screws, washers and stop nuts are fastened in place. Stop nuts are self-locking nuts, used to prevent the fasteners from loosening with use.

Securing Hardware (click to enlarge)
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The hardware shown here is used to secure the Stor-A-Bench while in the stored position. The safety chain is used to retain the workbench during lowering.

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