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Q: What services and products does Stor-N-Fold Systems provide for my home or shop?
A: Stor-N-Fold Systems provides space-saving solutions through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) designs in the form of detailed woodworking plans and user-friendly instructions for your family projects.

Our designs are derived from practical ideas and solutions that save space around your home. They can be used in the garage, basement and inside your home in the den or other living areas.

Q: Can someone, who is a beginner at woodworking, build the projects in your online catalog?
A: Absolutely - Yes! In addition to the detailed plans, there are user friendly instructions with drawings to assist you with the assembly. The plan instructions give you a list of materials, fastener sizes and the tools required to build your project.

Our website also conatains a "Woodworking Tips" page to help you build the projects in our online catalog. The plan instructions will guide you to the correct woodworking tip to help you.

Please visit this page to see an example.

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