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Stor-N-Fold Systems is a company that designs space-saving solutions for your everyday lifestyle around the home and shop. We design woodworking plans for projects that are easy-to-build, inexpensive, practical, safe and easy to use. You simply select the low-priced plan or plans of your choice from our on-line catalog, then download the user-friendly plans and assembly instructions to get started on your project. The list of materials, hardware and fastener sizes are all provided for your convenience.

One example of our space-saving designs is the , STOR-A-BENCH® pictured on this page. This easy-to-build workbench mounts on your garage wall and folds up out of the way when not in use. It fits conveniently under your garage door track and folds out to a full size workbench that will support over 200 lbs. It can be built to standing (kitchen counter) height or it can be built to desk height, your choice. The counter height works very well for standing and working or sitting and working using a bar stool.

STOR-A-BENCH® Features: 

The STOR-A-BENCH® workbench folds up inside the width of the garage door track (18 inches deep folded)

Linear design allows you to work from three (3) sides of the workbench

Your folding workbench can be located near the front of the garage for plenty of space, light and ventilation while working on your projects

Pegboard option provides tool storage and access, even while folded

STOR-A-BENCH® can be used for many useful applications such as normal workbench projects like woodworking or mechanical repairs, but in addition it can be used for a folding gardening bench, folding craft bench, folding hobby bench, folding fly tying bench, folding quilting bench, custom golf workbench and many other projects.

"I designed and built the first STOR-A-BENCH® for custom golf club building and repairs, it performed perfectly"

Bud Klotz: Stor-N-Fold Systems Owner and Designer

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